Chrysanthemum, Houseplant of the month October

A Pot Mum that appeals to everyone
The beautiful Pot Mum has flowers in abundance that suit all tastes and styles. The Pot Mum offers everything from small to large flowers with coloured hearts or double rows of bristly or smooth petals in red, white, purple, green, orange, pink and yellow or a colour combination, meaning there is always a Pot Mum suitable for every taste and occasion.

Full of Eastern promise
Originating from Asia, the exotic Pot Mum has been adorned with royal status in Japan, where every year they honour the Chrysanthemum at the Royal Festival of Happiness as the bringer of happiness and cheer.

Full flowering potential
To ensure that the Pot Mum is full of life and flowers all year round it is important to place it in a light, cool position (18-20 degrees Celsius) in damp soil. When you buy your Pot Mum, look for those with a few flowers already bursting open, as some of the green buds may not open.

Fun facts:
• In the Far East people make tea with Chrysanthemums and stir fry the stems, but you can’t eat the Pot Mums we have here
• Your Pot Mum can flower for eight weeks with the right care
• The name Chrysanthemum means golden flower. It is a combination of the Greek word chrysos, meaning gold and anthemon, meaning flower
• When the flower has nearly finished flowering you can cut it off and place it in a bowl of water. This looks lovely and the new flowers on the plant will get more sunlight and energy
• The Pot Mum also looks nice in the garden or on the balcony
• Did you know that research has shown that people who spend time in a room full of plants experience less stress?
• Kiku is Japanese for Chrysanthemum and is a popular girls name
• The Pot Mum comes from the same family as the dandelion and the daisy
• Combine different colours of Pot Mum to enjoy the rich colour palette of the plant

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Published on: 2 October 2014