New variety, Sunsation Multiflower Flame!

This spring is the sunniest in recent years. Literally. Due to the corona crisis, many have taken the sun into their homes and gardens. The Sunsation® potted sunflowers have proven their ‘sunny’ image. And the summer has yet to begin.

Evanthia and the Sunsation® Sunflower growers are already ready for late summer, the Indian Summer. The long evenings, in which the sunlight gets a bit reddish and the shadows are longer, are typical characteristics of the Indian Summer. This red glow is also a special characteristic of the Sunsation Flame.

After the success of the Sunsation Multiflower Yellow, this variety is completely new on the market. A combination of the simultaneously blooming flowers and the Indian Summer red glow over the flowers gives the ‘late summer’ feeling.

Javado introduces the Sunsation Multiflower Flame in England. Their customer RHS Garden Wisley currently has the potted sunflowers on sale. Javado proves how close they are to the growers because of introducing the Sunsation Multiflower Flame as one of the first on the market.

Sunsation® Sunflower and Evanthia are proud of this new special variety. Sunsation Sunflower® uses online promotion to support the sales of Sunsation Multiflower Flame. Would you like more information about the Sunsation Flame? Or would you like to receive the images of the Sunsation Flame? You can send an e-mail to

Published on: 18 June 2020