Manly Plants: houseplants of the month for June

You need some regular greenery to brighten up your home. The fact that it makes you look good too is a bonus.

Green bromance
Strong shapes, sturdy bush shapes, easy to live with – these rugged plants definitely meet the testosterone brief. Croton (Codiaeum) offers strong colours, Philodendron looks primaeval and tough, Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) is virtually maintenance-free, Umbrella tree ( Schefflera) grows alongside you until it’s an indoor tree, and Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum) is a self-sufficient type that, given some water and food, can cover a whole wall for you. There are all robust plants that, like green Steve McQueens, help boost your undoubtedly already irresistible appeal.

Winner’s mentality
Manly plants fit perfectly into the new interiors trend which is all about sporty elements, such as geometric patterns, a sofa in the shape of a rugby ball and kitchen chairs with backs like a racing bicycle’s handlebars. Hence Mother-in-law’s tongue has smooth stripes, Croton, Umbrella tree and Devil’s Ivy offer energetic patterns, and Philodendron has arrow-shaped leaves (depending on the variety). They all project both action and relaxation, and are sources of energy rather than mood. Keep the base cool: polished steel and pots with a wave or net structure reinforce the look.

Plants in your man cave = sexy
A plant makes your home more lively and lends colour. It provides extra oxygen when you’re feeling breathless, and it helps to reduce stress. It won’t bother you when an attractive lady comes to call, and it’s perfectly happy for you to spend the whole night on your games console. At the same time, the plant demonstrates that you can keep something alive, which will reassure your mother, and women find it incredibly attractive. All reasons to build a green man cave with plants for men. And all that in exchange for just some occasional watering and feeding.

Caring for manly plants
● Manly plants prefer a light spot, but not in full sun.
● When it comes to watering, don’t saturate them and don’t let them dry out – you want to be somewhere in between.
● A splash of plant food in the water once a month would be great.
● If you want them to grow nice and straight, turn them round every so often.

(Plants for) men of the world
Manly plants are well-integrated citizens of the world. Mother-in-law’s tongue comes from Ethiopia, Philodendron is a tropical visitor that has been a hit in the West since the 17th century. Umbrella tree is an Aussie (g’day, mate!) and Devil’s Ivy and Croton originate from South-East Asia. They have all been growing and blooming for thousands of years and have been making people’s lives better for a very long time.

Manly plants trivia
● Devil’s Ivy and Umbrella tree are lucky plants, and bring money and luck to their housemate.
● Devil’s Ivy’s air-purifying qualities mean that it’s in the Top 10 healthy plants.
● Croton’s strong markings symbolise power and libido.
● In the language of plants, Sansevieria (Mother-in-law’s tongue) represents a long life and good health.
● Sansevieria boosts the humidity in your home so that you are less likely to be bothered by itchy eyes or a dry throat.

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Published on: 24 Maio 2017