Garden Plant of the Month for February: Snowball (Viburnum) presents the Garden Plant of the Month for February: Snowball (Viburnum). Even when it’s not snowing, Viburnum brings snowballs to the garden, and if it does freeze, this garden plant stays green and brings an early spring-like invigoration into a garden lover’s garden.

Garden Plant of the Month
With its promotional campaign, is seeking to reach as many consumers as possible every month and encourage them to place more garden plants in the garden, or on their balcony or patio. A carefully formulated PR strategy is expected to result in a high level of media interest in the Garden Plant of the Month, including magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. will also be focusing on Snowball throughout the month of February.

Flower or berry
Snowball is a diverse family of shrubs. There are species that remain green in winter, and semi-evergreen varieties and species that shed all their leaves. As compensation, they do grow sprays of white and pink flowers on the bare branches between November and March. Those flowers have a fabulous fragrance and are very frost-resistant: a spectacular combination. Generally speaking, the later the shrub blooms, the larger the flowers will become. Snowball also either has a second flowering in the autumn or will produce lovely red, blue or black berries at that time of year. With foliage that also changes colour beautifully in autumn, this garden bloomer has something special to offer in every season.

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Published on: 4 Fevereiro 2016