BLOG: an interview with our colleague Marijke

Time flies; it’s already been 16 years since I started working at Javado. I remember it very well. We used to work in a smaller building than the current one, where I was a switchboard operator and receptionist, and used to prepare invoices. In those days, we used to send printed invoices at the end of each working day, and the truck drivers would collect them from me when the truck was loaded. That meant that my work wasn’t finished until the last driver had left, which could sometimes be quite late. It could be hard going, but it was also a very special time. It still makes me very happy thinking back.

We soon moved to the larger building where we’re now housed. Javado was going through a period of rapid growth, and the new personnel department needed some extra help. That was something I was eager to do, so I increasingly did more and more for them alongside my own work. At a certain point, others took over my original work completely, and I was able to dedicate myself to the personnel department.

I love being able to help others, and you can literally wake me in the middle of night if I’m needed. There are three of us the department; Marinka and Daan work alongside me. Our activities go much further than job advertisements and contracts, so we now describe ourselves as the HR department rather than the personnel department. We believe a good working climate is essential, and that staff get positive, personal attention. As a result, our work is extremely varied. Every colleague has their own background, and sometimes we can help someone open up a fantastic new chapter in their life.

We have around 55 colleagues in permanent employment, and we liaise with an employment agency to cover peak periods. It’s quite a challenge to find staff these days, but I’m glad to say that turnover at Javado is pretty low. We do have vacancies regularly, because our company is growing strongly.

A few words about my personal life: I’ve been married to Ron for over 39 years, and since August last year we’re the proud grandparents of our beautiful granddaughter Emma. My biggest hobby at the moment is our weekly babysitting day. I also enjoy reading, I’ve got fairly green fingers, and, as you might expect, I like going on holiday. Then I enjoy discovering a new country, such as the fantastic holiday I had in New Zealand. Canada, Ireland and Scandinavia are still on my wish list. That sounds quite adventurous, but I have to say that I like to have everything planned in advance to avoid too many surprises😊.

Published on: 25 Janeiro 2022