BLOG: Air So Pure

The Air So Pure® brand can be found under ‘special growers & concepts’ in our webshop. This is where you can easily order the full range of one of the best-known brands in the plant industry.

In an office full of plants (we wouldn’t expect anything less!), brand manager Daan Bartels explains what the world of Air So Pure® looks like.


Behind the scenes at Air So Pure®

The consumer brand depends on a growers’ association with 14 members. Together, we market a range of indoor plants that have proven their strong air-purifying effect.

A NASA study almost 15 years ago, which examined how plants could benefit the living environment in an enclosed space, laid the foundation of our brand. The study showed that spathiphyllum was one of the plants with a strong air-purifying effect. Five spathiphyllum growers joined forces, and decided to set up the Air So Pure® brand.


The range of air-purifying plants has since been expanded and the brand is now a household name. If we want to add a plant to the range, we first have it extensively tested. Only plants that score highly are included in our range.

Besides the plant itself, the grower responsible for it also has to comply with a number of requirements. We like strong commitment to the brand, so that we can all make it a success.


We employ 3 people in the office to look after the brand. We’re responsible for promotion, administration, graphic design, communication, and concept development.


Healthy air more topical than ever

Over the past year, we’ve all discovered how important a healthy indoor climate is, whether in the office, at school, or at home. Good ventilation is vital, and the good news is that appropriate indoor plants can also help. An unhealthy mixture of substances, including CO2, can accumulate in indoor areas. Air So Pure® plants improve air quality by converting CO2 into oxygen and breaking down other harmful gases. They also improve humidity levels by evaporating water through their leaves.


From concept to increased turnover

Air So Pure® was founded on what might well be the best selling point there is when it comes to indoor plants. By giving the plants a clear, recognisable logo, we succeeded in creating a successful consumer brand, something quite unusual in the world of plants.

How can a garden centre fully exploit the strength of the brand? Well, obviously we recommend that you make a table available for our brand at the garden centre all year round. We then take care of the entire appearance of the table. This helps transmit the message really well to the consumer, and ensures high turnover.


If you can’t make use of this possibility, or if you’d like to do a trial run first, order an attractive selection of our plants in the Javado webshop. Make sure everything is presented well, and use the information card in A3 format.


If you run a chain of garden centres, would you also be interested in a promotional campaign with Air So Pure®? That’s easy to do. We can arrange mixed trolleys and offer marketing support. You can then think of something like an appealing Social Media campaign to boost sales.

Published on: 9 Novembro 2021