Bathroom plants: Houseplant of the Month for May

Want to enjoy a lovely shower or bath in a natural setting? These bathroom plants can help you to do it.


Green start to the day

Bathroom plants all like shade, high temperatures and high humidity – precisely the conditions that are found in a bathroom. And they fit perfectly with the interiors trend in which that room is more than just somewhere to dash in and out of and becomes a space to enjoy for a good start or relaxing end to the day.


Four moisture lovers

Tillandsia is an air plant with wild tendrils and a quirky shape that does not require any soil, but draws moisture and nutrients from the air.
Ficus pumila has long climbing (or hanging) tendrils and comical leaves that are variegated and/or bumpy.
Maidenhair fern is a fresh green fern with black stems and very soft leaves that grows nice and wide.
Peace lily has soft dark green full foliage with cheerful white pennants above it.


Greenery + tech = the future

Incorporating plants into your home – as with bathroom plants – fits with the trend of self-reliance, generating sustainable energy yourself and freeing greenery to become part of daily life. It is predicted that in the future plants will provide energy through bioluminescence in the same way as fireflies and luminous plankton do. So you won’t turn on the light in the bathroom, but your ficus.



  • Bathroom plants can cope with quite low light levels. If there’s no window in the bathroom, they can survive fairly well on artificial light.
  • Steam, mist, immersion – they love it all.
  • Give them some food once a fortnight. With Tillandsia you can give it in the plant spray.
  • If the plants get too wild, you can simply give them a trim.


Roots in the rainforest

Tillandsia originates from Central and South America, the peace lily from the jungles of Brazil, South America and Asia, Ficus pumilia clambers and trails in the Far East, and the maidenhair fern grows primarily in China. What they have in common is that they grow in an environment that resembles a tropical rainforest. And that in turn is very similar to the bathroom after the morning rush. The moisture and steam left behind offer ideal conditions for these plants.


Green oasis

Don’t use bathroom plants to create an instant urban jungle; maintain rhythm and peace in the way in which you position them. Together, in clusters, at different heights. A sober, harmonious and defined arrangement creates a nice environment to live in. Greenery around you is relaxing, helps to purify the air and makes every bathroom more beautiful. If you want more colour, you could add bromeliads.

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Published on: 29 Abril 2019