4 style trends

The space you live in has to be more than merely functional, of course; you need attractive surroundings that suit you. However, creating a beautiful, balanced end result is not that easy, and not everyone can afford an interior designer.

There are dozens of living styles to choose from; some timeless, and others entirely tailored to the current spirit of our times. The living styles in this latter group are particularly popular subjects in interior design magazines and TV programmes.

It’s fair to say that the houseplant has taken an important place in the interior of our homes in recent years. Some plants are more fashionable than others. Also important is that the plant’s pot or basket is an attractive addition that reflects the desired living style.


Style trend 1: Serene


Style trend

Soft colours, shapes and materials • Matte, not shiny • Timeless and high quality


Do you like a quiet, natural base? You want to make subtle changes to the interior with accessories every now and then? Then the Serene trend is perfect for you.

Creating tranquility and the beauty of nature are important. Round shapes, light colours, matt ceramics and light woodwork fit perfectly into this trend. A single black accent in combination with the calm colors of the walls and furniture gives the interior an extra look.

Glassware, especially Hydroponie (Blog about Hydroponics) where the roots are clearly visible, fits perfectly into this trend.

A beautiful and calm colour palette. The colours feel very natural. If you look closely, you can see both warm colors and cold colors. This gives you a comfortable and tidy feeling.


Style trend 2: Earthy


style trend

Connection with nature • uneven patterns • earthy tones

Wanting to be connected with nature is important to you. Natural materials with coarse structures are attractive. Handmade and uneven are worth paying more for. The trend style earthy suits you completely.

Plants are indispensable in the interior. Terracotta, concrete, matt ceramic and basketry fit perfectly into the trend. The patterns are natural, uneven and coarse.

The Stephania erecta in stone pot fits in perfectly with the trend. The rough, natural bulb from which the plant grows in combination with the weathered terracotta.. very beautiful.

The basketwork of the Terima-Kasih brand (Indonesian for thank you) also fits in perfectly with this trend. Terima-Kasih is a project where basketwork is woven for a fair price and thus provides the local population with a steady income.


Style trend 3: Daring


style trend

Combine aspects from all kinds of styles yourself • new shapes • bold colors

In this trend, people want to show who they are. Is your house like a museum with a collection of different atmospheres that can be combined funnily enough? Do you have guts? Do you like change and are you sensitive to impulse buying? Then the style trend Daring suits you.

Matte or gloss? Everything is possible in this trend, as long as it stands out. Like glossy glaze that seems to drip off the pot.

Shapes are important. In particular new shapes such as stacked rings and pot on a foot. Striking unusual shapes.

No lack of color in this trend. The surprise lies in the use of bold colors in combination with softer tones.


Style trend 4: Elegant


style trend

Meticulously thought-out, luxurious living style • accents with marble and brass • soft colours

This trend exudes luxury in an elegant way. Round shapes, soft colors and slender legs give it a feminine touch. What makes this trend different from the serene style is the use of the natural materials, brass, matte gold and marble.

Do you have an ideal picture in mind about how your interior can radiate tranquility and luxury? Do you think carefully about the home decoration? Then Elegant is just right for you.

The ideal plants within this trend have soft colors and a luxurious or beneficial appearance.

Combine the soft colors of this theme with each other. Add touches of marble and brass to this recipe and the result is an elegant form of luxury.

Gepubliceerd op: 14 december 2021