Yucca: Houseplant of the Month for December

Rugged, green, strong and super-trendy: a palm like Yucca in your home instantly creates a different mood for the holiday season.


Are you tired of being stuck in the bubble of your timelines? Break away from the familiar with Yucca, the houseplant that’s not what is seems. It looks tropical, but it actually hailed from the desert. Big green leaves, but still really a palm. Although it can also be found as an enormous grey-green sphere with no trunk. There’s no pigeonholing this plant – it defeats every algorithm. Perfect for a world in which the barriers between generations, genders and backgrounds are constantly fading. And this green statement plant can – for example – also happily wear fairylights as an extra Christmas Tree 2.0. No wonder influencers are mad about it!


Optimistic companion

Yucca has long pointed leaves that grow directly out of the soil or out of a trunk. The leaves are pointy and green, sometimes with a hint of creamy white or yellow. On some varieties they’re quite wide, on others they’re narrow – whatever takes your fancy. The leaves mainly grow upwards, which gives the plant a cheerful, optimistic look. Yuccas are available from windowsill size up to indoor tree.


New World

Yucca is an old inhabitant of the New World, and grows in southern United States, South America and the Caribbean. The plant flourishes in desert regions, where it enjoys the sunshine and relative drought. That also makes it easy to live with in the living room.


5 yays for Yucca!

  • It’s a comical houseplant – sometimes it’s leaves grow like a wild crown, sometimes like two green spikes from the trunk.
  • The trunked variety takes up little floor space and provides greenery at a surprising height.
  • Not very demanding, can cope with you forgetting to water it occasionally.
  • Yucca is cultivated in all sorts of shapes with interesting trunks.
  • The plant has an unforced, lively look in the home that has a contemporary feel.


Good resolutions

Yucca represents new opportunities and purity. The former is a good preparation for the New Year, while the latter reflects this palm’s air-purifying powers.


How to style Yucca

Yucca fits with the interiors trend in which different cultures come together. Think of pots on which a face has been sculpted, or which feature ethnic or folklore designs. The overall look can be a varied collection of different plants and items that together reflect a modern society in which everyone is welcome – including this green goofball.


How to keep Yucca looking beautiful

  • The plant likes a light spot, and can cope with some direct sun.
  • Water regularly. The soil can be left to dry out slightly between waterings.
  • Some plant food once a month is enough.
  • The leaf edges and tips can be sharp, so it’s not particularly suitable for small children.
  • The bottom leaves dry out, which can look very decorative. If you like the look you can leave them on the plant, or just remove them.


For more information see: www.Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Published on: 21 listopadu 2020