Touch of pink

The 5 best plants to add pink to your jungle

The Urban Jungle trend is all about enjoying nature in your own living space. We see the living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens become a bit greener every day. Not only does it look great, it also provides a healthy indoor climate. You’ll experience less stress and the air that you breathe has been purified.

Just like in fashion, trends continue to develop, so does the ‘Urben Jungle’ trend. We have noticed for some time that a new trend color has been added to the foliage plants, which is the colour pink. Plants with pink leaves or a pink vein in the leaf give a very nice accent to a green jungle.

We have selected 5 plants with which you can perfectly add pink to your jungle:

– Syngonium Red HeartSyngonium-Touch-of-pink

The Syngonium has a beautiful old pink color. The lower leaves start out green but become more and more colourful as they grow. The leaves are heart shaped. If this plant is placed in too dark a place, it will lose its color. This plant thrives when the soil is slightly moist but be careful with too much water.

  – Aglaonema Crete

An Aglaonema has beautiful patterns on its leafs. The bright pink colour is clearly present. It is an easy plant to care for. If you forget to water it once, that’s not a problem at all. If an Aglaonema gets too much light, the leaves will also become lighter. Then you can better move it to a place with a little more shade.

– Tradescantia NanoukTradescantia-touch-of-pink

The Tradescantia Nanouk has beautiful colours on the leaves. The foliage is often light green with pink stripes. The Tradescantia is a fast grower, it likes a light spot, be careful with bright sun. Make sure that the soil is not too wet, always feel the soil first to see if the plant needs water.

 – Fittonia

The Fittonia has a fantastic pattern on its leafs. The veins can turn a beautiful pink colour. In their natural environment they cover the ground of the rainforest. They therefore like the soil to remain somewhat moist.

– Begonia MaculataBegonia-touch-of-pink

What a stunning beauty this polka dot begonia is! Several times a year, this begonia also produces very beautiful small flowers. This begonia does like a little water. First feel the soil to see if it needs water again, if the first two centimeters from the top feel dry, then it needs some water again.


Gepubliceerd op: 10 maart 2022