The Mother’s Day top 10

Her love is unconditional and she’s always there for you. Your mother plays an important role in your life and she deserves to  get a token of your appreciation on Mother’s Day, May the 14th . Surprise her with a wonderful gift. What about beautiful plants?

We are happy to help you, giving you our top 10 of the most beautiful Mother’s Day plants.

Number 10:

At number 10 we have a colorful flower. The Gerbera is an ideal candidate as a Mother’s Day gift with her happy appearance.

The flower is available in various colours. This way you can always find your mother’s favorite colour. Cheer up the house and your mother with this happy candidate.






Number 9:

The number 9 of the Mother’s Day list is the Zantedeschia. The Zantedeschia is also known as Calla. The most striking of the Zantedeschia is the beautiful calyx.

The Zantedeschia has different symbolic meanings: the flower of purity, sympathy and beauty. Doesn’t this  fit perfectly with your mother ?!

Number 8:

The next plant on the list is the Campanula. The Campanula makes new flowers continuously, which gives the plant a high ornamental value. That’s why she’s on our list!

Whether your mom wants to place plants  inside or outside, it does not matter with the Campanula. This beautiful plant thrives both inside and outside!

Number 7:

At number 7 we chose the Hibiscus. The plant is making you daydream about  the summer. Aside from the fact that the plant is beautifully inside the house, the Hibiscus has also been declared  terrace plant of 2016.

With its spectacular flowers, the Hibiscus is truly an eye-catcher! The flowers sometimes bloom only one day, but are fortunately non-stop followed by new flowers.

Number 6:

The next plant on the list has deliciously scented flowers and flourishes indefinitely long, of course we are talking about the Mandevilla. A beautiful plant at place 6.

The Mandevilla is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The plant surprises from May to the first frost with white, yellow, pink or red trumpet-shaped flowers. A gift that will give your mother loads of fun!








Number 5:

The 5th place is for the famous Anthurium. Does your mother not have green fingers? No problem! The Anthurium is not only popular because of its beautiful appearance, but also because the plant has modest wishes.

Whether your mother has a classical or trendy interior, the anthurium fits with it. With its shiny leaves and colored bracts it’s hard not to be happy with the Anthurium.

Number 4:

At number 4 we find an immensely popular plant. The Hydrangea is found in most gardens. This is not only because of the beautiful appearance but also because the care is not difficult.

Why the Hydrangea is a great Mother’s Day Gift? Because the flower symbolizes gratitude, grace and beauty. Every mother deserves a beautiful Hydrangea!



Number 3:

Having difficulties choosing the right plant? Then choose our number 3: The planted arrangement. Different arrangements are available with the combination of the most beautiful plants.

The planted arrangement is and always has been the classic gift item.

Number 2:

World-famous and also known as the Queen of Flowers, at number 2 in our list we find the Rose. The rose is available in many colors that always fits your mood and style.

Little or a lot place for the rose? No problem, besides many different colors there is also a large variety of (flower) sizes of the potted plant. Always a good choice!

Number 1:

Our number one gift for Mother’s Day is and remains the Phalaenopsis. This beauty is the best known species from the Orchidaceae family. The plant is extremely popular due to its exotic appearance and long shelf life.

Such a beautiful plant you would love to keep  for yourself, but for a special someone like your mother you can make an exception!


Veröffentlicht: 3 Mai 2017