Sansevieria family

This is why we love the Sansevieria family

Sansevieria is a plant genus originating from Africa and South Asia. Although Sansevieria is in our green houseplant range, it is in fact a genus of flowering plants.

The flowers, which tend to be greenish-white and attached to a cluster, form orange or red berries as fruit. In the plant’s natural environment, the flowers are pollinated by moths.

All the leaves have various shapes. The best-known variety is the Sansevieria trifasciata, known popularly as mother-in-law’s tongue because of its wide, elongated leaves with sharp spikes. The most famous trifasciata species has two-colored leaves, green with yellow. The cylindrical leaves of the Sansevieria cylindrica are very different to the broad leaves of the trifasciata. These leaves mainly have a grey/green color. The Sansevieria family is very diverse in terms of leaf shapes, which is why the plants fit into different trend styles.


Care Sansevieria

All the varieties sold as ornamental plants are very resilient houseplants, and can be placed either in the shade or direct sunlight. They need very little care. Just be careful not to water them excessively, as this will cause the roots to rot.

The sansevieria is not a fast grower, so plant food is not really necessary. It does very well without extra food. It is advisable, however, when it has finally grown, to repot it in a larger pot. This way the roots get more space, and you will also prevent root rot.


Air purifying?

Did you know Sansevieria purifies air in an unusual way? This has everything to do with the arid native conditions. The stomata remain closed during the day, to prevent evaporation of the scarce water available and allow the plant to survive the hot conditions. Air is purified at night, making the Sansevieria an excellent plant for the bedroom.

You can style the sansevieria very nicely in any interior Sansevieria

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