Rhododendron special

Rhododendrons, with their exuberant flowers, have been extremely popular since the first ornamental gardens and parks were laid out. There’s an incredibly large range available these days, from large rhododendrons with which you can create privacy in your garden to dwarf varieties for smaller gardens or balconies.


Bloombux® is as an interesting alternative to boxwood.  It blooms profusely in the spring. Just like boxwood, Bloombux is evergreen and easy to prune into shape.

Bloombux® is a Rhododendron micranthum; a dwarf form. These shrubs eventually reach a maximum height of 70 cm. They are strong plants that can grow in different types of soil, as long as it’s airy.

There are two varieties: Bloombux® with light pink flowers and Bloombux® with magenta flowers.


Hortinno® Garden XXL

This compact Rhododendron with extra-large flowers is the successful result of more than ten years of breeding. Hortinno® Garden XXL is also suitable for smaller gardens, or can be placed on the terrace as a potted rhododendron.

The original Garden XXL has two-tone flowers. Last year, a variant with red flowers was added. The series will be further expanded next season, when Hortinno® Garden will also become available with white, pink, and yellow flowers.


Rhododendron Wine & Roses®

Enjoy the spectacular leaves of Rhododendron Wine & Roses® all year round. The top of the leaf is green, while the underside has an attractive, velvety purple-red hue. The contrast is clearly visible because this rhododendron grows upright.

The flowers are a welcome bonus; the plant blooms profusely with raspberry-pink flowers.


Hortinno® Evergreen

This series of evergreen rhododendrons combines the winter hardiness of a japonica with the floral beauty of an indoor azalea. The result is a collection of richly flowering, compact rhododendrons.

Hortinno® Evergreen makes a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed year in, year out.


Ponticum variegatum

This rhododendron certainly makes an impact. It grows vigorously, produces lots of flowers, and has strikingly colourful foliage all year round.

Ponticum variegatum is suitable for larger gardens. It grows to about 2.5 metres high, and is also suitable as a hedge. It prefers partial shade and semi-acidic soil.



Rhododendron Bollywood®

The compact Bollywood® features silver-variegated leaves and bright pink flowers. Despite only growing to a height of 60 cm, this mini powerhouse retains its ornamental value all year round and is a wonder to behold.


Rhododendron Pink Star®

The japonica ‘Pink Star’ is a new star in the world of rhododendrons. What sets it apart is the unusual shape of the flowers, something really new that makes it a real eye-catcher!

The flower consists of lots of long, narrow petals in bright pink with white accents. This top product, available from week 10, blooms quite late in the season, approximately from week 18-19.


Rhododendron Parfumollis®

Meet Rhododendron Parfumollis®. This beautiful garden azalea has yellow flowers, retains its leaves even in winter, and spreads a wonderful scent.


New for the 2024 season is the Parfumollis® with salmon-coloured flowers, which will join its established soulmate with yellow flowers.



Rhododendron Starstyle®

Starstyle® is a real innovator in the rhododendron segment with its unique flower shape. In fact, both the flowers and leaves are star-shaped! These plants grow spherically and remains compact. When the star-shaped flowers appear, the effect is amazing.


Enjoy the Starstyle® in the garden, on the terrace, or even indoors.

Rhododendron Startstyle® is winter hardy to -10o C.


They are clearly identified by the star-shaped label.


Published on: 1 March 2024