Mindful with plants


More and more people are learning that plants can filter harmful substances from their environment and convert them into clean air. But that is only a side issue for plantfulness enthusiasts. They experience a calming power from their green housemates. Green is the color of nature. Green balances our energy and calms our nervous system. Plantfulness-5

What must plants think of us? They also move and develop, but at a very different pace. Folding out a new leaf can sometimes take several days. In their eyes we will look like a bunch of ants; always busy always, running.

What do you have to do to become plantful? That’s actually not difficult at all. Choose a number of beautiful house plants, learn where to put them and how best to care for them. For example, take the time when you take care of the plants, such as spraying plants with a plant sprayer, it can already be a very soothing ritual. Enjoy every new leaf that unfolds, every new flower bud that appears. Think of it as a new form of meditation, reflection and yoga in your green oasis. You literally and figuratively bring nature inside.

You can also give someone else plantfulness. If you give a beautiful plant as a gift, you will provide a piece of nature, pure air and probably a big smile.


Plantfulness plants

Plants that fit well with plantfulness include: Monstera and Alocasia because of the way new leaves curl open. Calathea because of the moving leaves in the morning and evening. Hanging plants because of the primal natural appearance and fragrant plants such as stephanotis or fragrant orchids.

Gepubliceerd op: 14 april 2022