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Which garden plants stay green in winter?

A garden can be enjoyed every season of the year. All you have to do is to mix up different kinds of garden plants. Perennial plants are great, they will have fresh new leafs in spring and often beautiful flowers throughout summer. If you want your garden to be looking great during winter as well, you can plant some wonderful plants that will give your garden structure all year round.

Below we have made a top 10 of plants that can make your garden even more beautiful in winter. They can then form a ‘green’ base for the plants that will grow back in the garden later in the spring.

  •  Viburnum TinusGarden plants viburnum tinus

    This viburnum makes your garden a true flower paradise. It flowers from November to May. The small flowers are white and have a very small scent. After flowering, small dark blue berries appear. This ornamental shrub always has green foliage.


  • Ilex aquifolium

    This is a slow growing ornamental shrub. The leaves can be green or variegated, both have sharp spines. In the autumn, the Ilex produces beautiful red berries. In nature, the ilex has a place under the trees as undergrowth, so it can do very well in a shady spot in the garden.



  • Photinia phraseria

    What a pearl in the garden this Photinia is, in the spring this plant gets very beautiful bright red leaves. The more you prune the plant, the redder it becomes. In summer the foliage turns dark green. The Photinia can look very nice as a hedge in the garden, in September you can prune the hedge tight again.



  •  Leucothoe axillaris

    This ornamental shrub also has all kinds of different colorings on the leaves. It can change from a beautiful red color to a beautiful green. The Leuothoe ‘Curly Red’ even has beautifully curled leaves. This will give your winter garden extra decorative value.




  •  Skimmia

    Skimmia is a well-known plant. It is a fairly compact plant that grows slowly. It can also be placed in a pot on the patio. The Japonica species have small fragrant flowers that are followed by berries.







  • Yew

    Taxus, or Yew, is a maintenance-friendly plant that can be used well as a hedge. You are assured of a beautiful green hedge all year round. In the autumn a number of varieties produce red berries. The yew can stand in the sun, in the shade and everything in between. This makes planting your hedge a lot easier.




  • Picea

    The Picea is an evergreen coniferous spruce with a beautiful conical habit. It grows quite compact and very slowly. The spruce also looks very nice in a pot or container on the terrace or balcony. The Picea has wonderfully fragrant needles, so it can also be used very nicely as a Christmas tree indoors.




  • Rhododendron

    Rhododendrons are very suitable for maintenance-free gardens. They don’t really need to be pruned unless they get very large of course. What is very important for a Rhododendron is that it has a humus-rich, slightly acidic soil. In nature you will always find them on the edge of a wooded area. The colours of the flower of the Rhododendron range from white, yellow, orange, red, purple and pink.


  •  Pieris japonica

    The Pieris has beautiful dark green, shiny, lanceolate leaves. The young offshoots of the Pieris colour from dark red to orange. In April and May, the Pieris blooms with long white flower clusters. The butterflies and bees love it. The Pieris likes a humus-rich, acidic soil. It can be combined well with a Rhododendron or Skimmia.




  •  Liriope muscari

    Looking for a good, compact, flowering border plant that does very well as a ground cover? The Liriope muscari perhaps is the plant for you. It has beautiful purple flowers from August to October that remind you of grape hyacinth (Muscari). After blooming, the flowers give way to black berries that remain on the plant until winter.


As you now can see, there are plenty of great plants that will bring colour and structure to your garden all year round!

Gepubliceerd op: 17 januari 2022