Begonia, Houseplant of the month of October

Welcome autumn with the Begonia, Houseplant of the month of October. Whether you prefer colourful flowers or cool leaves with nice leaf patterns; the Begonia and the Begonia Rex are your friends this autumn.

With or without flowers
The Begonia has two faces. The flowering version has red, pink, orange, white and yellow or multi-coloured flowers, where as the Begonia Rex has velvety leaves. This version doesn’t have flowers but makes up for it with fascinating leaf patterns which are silver, pink, burgundy red or different shades of green, depending on how the light shines onto the plant.

Deep in the woods…
The Begonia originates from warm, damp forest areas in New Guinea, southern Africa and The Andes, so it’s a real world traveler. Indoors, the houseplant likes to be in a light position.

Caring for the Begonia
Caring for the Begonia isn’t difficult. The houseplant needs lots of light but can’t cope with full sun. Give the plant water twice a week so that the soil stays damp. You will get the best result if you place a saucer under the pot with water in it. Remove the dead flowers and give it some fertilizer each week. If you place the Begonia in a room with a temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius, the Begonia will be in perfect conditions and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Fun facts:

  • Begonia got its name from Michel Bégon, a French botanist and diplomat from the 17th
  • Avoid draughts and extreme changes in temperature near your Begonia.
  • The band, ‘The Grateful Dead’, once wrote the song “Scarlet Begonias”.
  • Make a note in your diary: March is a great month to re-plant your Begonia.
  • A Begonia Rex can develop large leaves, so give it a large pot.
  • Are the leaves of your Begonia shriveling? Then it is too warm for the houseplant.

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Published on: 1 October 2015