Anthurium: Houseplant of the Month for December

Red, white or green, and shiny too if you want – for a beautiful modern Christmas. How ‘happy holidays’ can you get?


Classic or funky – Anthurium can do both

Alongside plenty of volume and enthusiasm, Anthurium also offers pure natural design that even a Christmas tree struggles to compete with. It’s available in classic December colours, but if you want something a bit different combine a pink Anthurium with some silver baubles or a salmon Anthurium with gold accents to create an instant festive effect in a very different style.


It’s not what you think

A handy tip to make you an instant Anthurium expert: although most people think the coloured part is the flower, it’s actually a coloured bract. Anthurium’s flowers are very small and are all located on the spike.


Anthurium guide

The tailflower (with the shiny bracts) is available in white, red, pink, lilac, lemon, green, brown and even bicoloured. The flamingo flower is very similar, but has matt coloured bracts. There is also an Anthurium which derives its decorative value primarily from its green foliage. Almost all of them are available in large and small sizes and in compact and loose shapes so that you can use them to create a December mood entirely in your own style.


How to help your Anthurium last till Christmas 2019 (and beyond)

  • Anthurium likes a light spot, but preferably not in full sun.
  • It tends to feel the cold, and prefers the thermostat to be between 18-22°C.
  • Don’t allow the soil to dry out, but also avoid leaving the roots standing in water.
  • A misting from time to time will make Anthurium think it’s back in the tropical rainforest.
  • Wilted flowers can be cut off or pulled out stem and all.
  • Plant food once every three weeks will keep Anthurium blooming.


Botanical Brazilian

Anthurium originates from tropical rainforests of Colombia, Guatemala and the Amazon region of Brazil. The plant grows there as an epiphyte: that means that it grows in and on trees with relatively few roots without drawing nutrients from the tree. The plant gets enough light there but no bright sunlight and is always nice and warm with a high level of humidity. It likes a similar position in your home. If it’s very dry because of central heating, choose an attractive bowl that matches the planter. Pour water into the bowl and place the Anthurium in it, complete with planter. That allows the water to evaporate around the plant and instantly increases the humidity: win-win!


Fancy a flowering bauble?

Red, white and green Anthuriums are perfect for fresh, contemporary festive arrangements. Display them with some Christmas decorations. Keep it sleek and modern: black shiny pots, silver and gold. Give the plant some space: the profusion of stems and flowers looks best if it’s not restricted. Anthurium has attractive thick roots that can be displayed in a glass pot or vase. Small specimens can be wrapped in moss (kokedama) to shine as an alternative bauble on a plate or bowl or under a glass dome.

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Published on: 22 November 2018