Snake plant: Houseplant of the Month for November

Outside the wind is howling and the world is rushing by, but inside it’s calm, serene and clean thanks to the snake plant.


Stately serenity. Grey-green with stripes, spots and beautiful edges. Thick leaves that grow straight up and create a screen between you and the outside world. The snake plant is the sort of plant that mutes the stimuli from a world that’s way too frantic. Not just with its imperturbable appearance, but also because it needs virtually no care. That’s one thing less to worry bout!


Strong protector

The snake plant (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue or Sansevieria trifasciata) symbolises beauty. And it’s not just beautiful on the outside. According to the NASA Clean Air Study the snake plant is a plant with air-purifying characteristics that does good work in the bedroom. It thereby looks after you, and the snake plant is the ideal plant to induce calm. Turn off your screen and light some candles – the strong green leaves will keep the big bad outside world away for a while.


You need a snake plant in your life!

  • Needs virtually no care and is almost indestructible
  • Choice of more than 70 different varieties
  • The leaves help to maintain humidity levels in your home
  • The snake plant has a serene, calm look
  • A row of plants creates a screen of green swords to shelter and protect you


The snake plant grows in Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia. The thick leaves store moisture so that the plant can tolerate high temperatures.


How to keep your snake plant looking good

  • The snake plant can cope well with light, and even with full sun.
  • The lighter the position, the more markings will appear on the leaves.
  • It is one of the few plants that can cope above a radiator.
  • The soil can be left to dry out between waterings. Too much water is fatal.
  • The snake plant is incredibly strong: repot it in time, otherwise it will break the pot to get more space.


Because the snake plant’s leaves grow proudly upright, it’s a popular tool in feng shui ( a sort of acupuncture for your home for creating a good atmosphere) for guiding energy/chi


Green essential

The snake plant is a true Hollywood star that appears in Blue Velvet, Groundhog Day, The Paper and Being John Malkovich, amongst other movies. The stylised shape works well in front of the camera, and the super-strong plant can tolerate the hot lights on set. But don’t expect it to provide action – it’s a slow and steady grower.


Snake plant and serenity

To create a serene effect you should style your snake plant in white, grey or pastel pots with round organic shapes. If the plant is placed in front of the window, a strip of matt film on the glass helps soften the mood and make it more friendly because it partly filters the light. Combine the plant with small hanging objects or hanging plants to create a screen effect. Plain colours predominate, whilst a modest sparkle is welcome in the dark days before December.


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Published on: 21 October 2020