Javado is the place to be for indoor plants, bedding plants, garden plants and hardy nursery stock. The same is true for distinctive products, such as carnivorous plants or special orchids. At Javado you are at the right place. Our unrivalled wide selection consists – depending on the season – of 5000 to 8000 items. Our product specialists, each with their own expertise, compile this selection with the greatest care, by always selecting the best products from more than 900 nurseries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain and Italy.

You can order our products via the webshop, by telephone or by e-mail/fax. Our employees are at your assistance!

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Let’s zoom in on the category: All Plants

It leads to a submenu with the following options:

Complete Offer: this opens our entire range of plants

Novelties: you can see and order all our current new plants and new concepts

Moss, Foliage and Dry Flowers: we have an extensive range of mosses, cut foliage, dry flowers, wreaths, etc.

Denmark: order your favorite items from our Danish growers

Top 100: our weekly top 100 is very usefull, never miss out on your must have items

24 hour lead time List: an additional range of plants for which it takes an extra day to organise

Javado Collection: our very own and unique series of trendy pot/plant combinations


Now, let’s have a look at our Pottery and Deco submenu:

Javado Pottery and Deco

Mica: thanks to our unique collaboration with Mica you can order this wonderful range of pottery and deco in the quantities you need

Ter Steege: this dutch brand of quality ceramics is highly recommended

HBX natural living:  this brand offers a wide range of natural home decoration, ideal for garden centres

Other pots and deco: discover our additional range of pottery and deco, it’s very extensive

POS: Javado designs its own Point Of Sale Materials and also offers POS from existing brands


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