Potted chrysanthemum: Houseplant of the Month for June

With the potted chrysanthemum’s radiant flowers and surprising shapes, you instantly set the tone for a cheerful summer.



You’re familiar with the chrysanthemum as a cut flower, but it also makes a fabulous house plant in a pot or bowl. The charm lies in the bushy look and the fabulous flowers. They can be various colours, resemble flowering fireworks and can be both very ‘funky fashionista’ and very classic. The fresh colours make the chrysanthemum a surprising summer personality which can brighten your home and your garden table.


Golden flower The name is derived from the Greek: ‚chrysos‘ means golden and ‚anthemon‘ means flower.


3 reasons for bringing potted chrysanthemums home

  • You won’t believe your eyes: pompons, ribbons, shapes that resemble totally different flowers – potted chrysanthemums like to thrill.
  • A potted chrysanthemum is a delectable natural air freshener with a slightly spicy ‘green’ fragrance.
  • Easy to live with, long-flowering, not very demanding – the ideal indoor summer bloomer.


Flower status

Chrysanthemums have been revered in China since the 15th century BC. They had such status there that only aristocrats were permitted to grow them in their home and garden as a herb❁ You can find the flowers on old porcelain and in paintings❁ In the 8th century Japan got hooked on the love of chrysanthemums, and the Emperor declared the chrysanthemum the national symbol❁ The imperial seal is based on it, and the monarchy is known as the Chrysanthemum Throne❁ The chrysanthemum is one of a few plants that has spread westward from the Far East via north-east Europe and does well in slightly cooler regions.


How to keep your potted chrysanthemum looking beautiful

  • Potted chrysanthemums will flower lavishly and for a long time in a light spot.
  • Do not allow the soil to dry out. Potted chrysanthemums evaporate a lot of water.
  • Treat it to some plant food once a fortnight for lavish flowering.
  • If you remove wilted flowers, the plant will look more beautiful and new buds can develop better.


Lively styling

The potted chrysanthemum is not a plant that needs a neutral pot – it can take something quite lively. Play with pots in the colour of the flowers, place it in a dazzling white or pitch black planter, or let it sparkle in polka dots or other patterns. You can be pretty extreme with this enthusiastic summer bloomer.

For more information see: www.thejoyofplants.co.uk

Published on: 24 května 2018