Garden Plant of the Month for January: Blue conifers

Blue conifers will be in the spotlight on in January as the Garden plant of the Month. Whilst many garden plants are still deep in hibernation and no leaves are forming, blue conifers provide a pleasant atmosphere. Just a couple of conifers can colour the garden, patio or balcony blue in an instant. They will thereby not disappoint, whether you have green fingers or not. Blue conifers are incredibly rugged and require virtually no maintenance.

Plant Group  
Conifer is a collective term for spruce, cypresses and junipers.  Some bear lots of fruit, others have dark green or blue needles. Some can growing incredibly tall, whilst others remain compact and low. For example blue juniper (Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’) will not grow taller than 50 cm. This makes this Blue Star ideal for planting at the front of the border or placing in pots on the garden table. Other blue conifers which are very suitable for garden use are the blue spruce (Picea pungens ‘Super Blue’), Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis stricta) and the cone-shaped dwarf cypress (Chamaecyparis ellwoodii).

Styling tips

  • Bring out the blue colour shades of conifers by planting them in indog or grey coloured pots.
  • By placing a few different conifer species together, you can easily create a mini forest or little woodland. Choose different sizes and display them at different heights and create variety and depth.

Easy care
It’s easy to care for conifers – they don’t even need pruning: conifers grow to shape of their own accord. If the conifer is in a pot that’s fine, but do make sure there’s a hole in the bottom so that surplus (rain) water can drain. Plant food in the spring is recommended to keep conifers healthy and strong.

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Published on: 14 January 2016